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Sanitation in Bangladesh – improving programmes through Value for Money analysis

Yesterday saw the opening of the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This conference, which aims to accelerate progress in sanitation and hygiene promotion in the region, comes at a crucial time, coinciding with the kick-off of the recently ratified, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ambition of Goal six – ensuring access to water […]

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How can VFM analysis be used to improve WASH programmes?

Our previous blog explains that VFM analysis can not only be used for reporting purposes, but also as a performance-based management tool. In this blog, we share examples of how such performance-based management was used in Bangladesh and Zambia. VFM analysis is basically an analytical tool that programme managers can use to get useful information about […]

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Where is the sector at on VFM analysis?

This blog summarises the discussions from the 12th May workshop organised by the VFM-WASH team on measuring VFM in the WASH sector. On Tuesday 12th May the VFM-WASH team held a workshop to share the guidance we developed to do VFM analysis with sector organizations and discuss how this type of analysis can be useful […]

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How are WASH sector organisations already using Value for Money analysis?

At an event last week at LSHTM, a team of researchers presented latest findings from ongoing research into Value for Money (VFM) in WASH. This presentation was coupled with a panel discussion on how, where and in what ways different WASH organisations are thinking about using VFM in their work. Two things quickly became clear […]

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VFM analysis in the WASH sector: why is it needed?

Value for Money (VFM) analysis stems from a very simple concern shared by most people, especially when money is tight: “how can I make sure that I get the best value for my money when making a purchasing decision?” Answering such question is critical for public agencies, which constantly need to make difficult funding choices […]

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Using VFM indicators to improve management performance

VFM is not just about saving money or reducing unit costs – it can help programme managers make the best use of available resources so that more sustainable development outcomes can be achieved. The VFM methodology we have developed is in essence very simple, we first list all results a project aims to achieve, and then […]

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